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1951 Cornell and the General Electric Company establish the GE Advanced Electronics Center, a research laboratory, at Cornell Airport. Cornell renovates a former aeronautical engineering laboratory, now known as 83 Brown Road, and leases it to GE for a 5-year term.
1953-1955 83 Brown Road expanded to a total of 33,360 square feet. All space leased to GE.
1956 Airport (548 acres) sold to Tompkins County for $324,388. Cornell retains surrounding lands.
1958 GE (now with 300 employees) requests installation of municipal water and sewer and a commitment by Cornell to attract other industries to what was then called the "Research Campus" if GE is to remain in Ithaca. Cornell approves $100,000 to pay for the installation of utilities and access roads at the site. University approves the donation of 60 acres of land (valued at $21,000) to New York State to reposition construction of a new highway (Route 13) so that it would run through the center of the Research Campus and avoid Sapsucker Woods Bird Sanctuary. Research Campus renamed Cornell Industry Research Park. Ground lease with GE for construction of Langmuir Lab.
1959 $60,000 committed to Cayuga Heights for additional settling tank to support Research Park.
1960 Completion of Langmuir Lab.
1964 GE announces it is leaving Research Park. University President Perkins addresses community concerns that the Park has not progressed. Cornell appropriates $25,000/year for 3 years to further the development of the Park, contingent on matching funds from the community. Tompkins County Area Development (TCAD) Corporation assumes primary role of development of the Park.
1965 William G. Rowley appointed as Director of the Park. After 14 years as the Park's only tenant, GE terminates its lease and moves out. Langmuir Lab is donated to Cornell. Cornell moves its Division of Biological Sciences to the Park to occupy the vacant Langmuir Lab. It joins the Psychology Department, Project Literacy, and University Announcements already located there in other buildings.
1966 Cornell turns over control of 83 Brown Road to TCAD and the Park for leasing to outside tenants. The Bendix Corporation, the Park's first tenant since General Electric, leases 3,000 sq ft in 83 Brown Road (20,000 sq ft total in building) for research in aircraft instrumentation. AGWAY leases 2,500 sq ft in 83 Brown Road. Cornell moves its main computer operations to Langmuir Lab.
1967 Construction of new AGWAY research facility (777 Warren Road). Cayuga Associates (microwave electronics) leases 1,850 sq ft at 83 Brown Road (Les Eastman principal. Tenant is still in Center.)
1968 NCR leases 3,000 sq ft in 83 Brown Road. Bendix leaves Park because of "difficulty in managing a remote research effort."
Construction of 777 Warren Road completed.
1969 Construction of TCAD facility (61 Brown Road), 11,0000 SF.
1970 L.J. Long, retired President of Wells College, named Park Director.
1977 Walter Ewald named Park Director.
1981 Tom Mailey named Park Director.
1983 Department of Biological Sciences leaves Langmuir Lab. Space within the building leased to non-University tenants. TCAD withdraws from direct management of Park.
1985 Construction of 9 Brown Road for Digital Equipment Corp., 8,000 SF. Responsibility for Park transferred from Vice President, Facilities and Business Operations to the Vice President and Treasurer.
1986 Real Estate Department assumes daily management of the Park.
1987 John E. Majeroni named Park Director.
Last major Cornell academic use leaves Langmuir Lab opening it up for lease to private tenants.
Construction of 747 Warren Road (Federal Express), 22,745 SF.
1988 March 15th - Cornell Board of Trustees approves the new Park Development Plan, permitting expansion of the permitted land uses in the Park to include office, residential, and limited commercial activities; completion of physical improvements; and changing the name to the Cornell Business & Technology Park.
Construction of 20 Thornwood Drive, 20,000 SF. Genexus established small business incubator in Park.
Construction of Thornwood Drive and main Park pond.
1989 Construction of 33 Thornwood Drive, 20,000 SF.
Construction of 579 Warren Road (Ithaca Community Childcare Center), 16,700 SF.
Construction of 10 Arrowwood Drive (Convenient Care Center), 6,000 SF.
1990 Construction of 55 Brown Road - 33,000 SF.
Construction of 767 Warren Road, 18,000 SF.
1992 Construction of 757 Warren Road (US Postal Service Center), 39,500 SF.
1993 Construction of 53 Brown Road (occupied by Claritas, Inc.), 23,000 SF.
Construction of 12,100 SF addition to 10 Arrowwood Drive.
1995 Construction of 22 Thornwood Drive (17,000 SF).
Extension of Thornwood Drive.
1996 Construction of Brown Road boulevard improvements.
1997 Construction of 15 Thornwood Drive, 18,000 SF.
Construction of 20 and 22 Arrowwood Drive (total 18,600 SF).
Relocation and extension of Arrowwood and Brentwood drives.
Construction of Arrowwood storm-water retention facility.
Construction of 13,000 SF Surgery Center addition to 10 Arrowwood Drive.
Renovation and expansion of 61 Brown Road to 38,000 SF by CBORD.
1998 Construction of 10 Brentwood Drive, 13,000 SF.
Construction of 30 Brown Road for USGS, 23,000 SF.
Park entrance sign and pond pavilion constructed.
1999 Thornwood Drive fully extended. Eastern pond constructed.
Expansion of 22 Thornwood Drive for Kionix, 20,000 SF.
Construction begins on 106 room Marriott Courtyard hotel.
2000 Construction of 8 Brentwood Drive, 10,000* SF.
Marriott Courtyard hotel opens (Dec).
2001 Construction of 36 Thornwood Drive, 40,000 SF to house Kionix.
Construction of 10 Brown Road, 40,000 SF to house ADIC and AutoDesk.
Extension of natural gas and electricity east on Thornwood Drive.
9 Brown Road acquired by Ithaca Acquisitions & Development.
2003 Construction of 35 Thornwood Drive, 35,350 SF.
2005 Demolition of 83 Brown Road, 85 Brown Road. Ciabattas deli opens, serving breakfast and lunch to Park tenants.
2006 Construction of 19 Brown Road, 33,000 SF to house Advion.
2007 John E. Majeroni retires as Park Director.