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About Us


The Cornell Business & Technology Park is a project of Cornell University. Stewardship for the Park is with the Cornell University Real Estate Department.


  • The Cornell Business & Technology Park is the area's premier suburban office park, providing a first class environment for local, national and international office and research firms and providing an interface between Cornell University and the business community.
  • Established in 1951 with significant growth since 1986
  • Primary objective: Keep Ithaca a great place to live, by helping companies provide quality jobs, tax revenues, and strengthen the community's economic base.


  • 300 acres (200 commercial, 100 residential)
  • 26 buildings
  • Approximately 700,000 square feet of space
  • Large concentration of wet labs and clean rooms


  • More than 80 tenant companies with 2,000 jobs
  • 62% of the companies are technology-based, many of which conduct research associated with or derived from Cornell.
  • Representative firms:
    Advion -
    BinOptics -
    Claritas - national demographic research and marketing company
    CBORD - worlds largest supplier of food and nutrition software solutions, ID card programs and housing management systems.
    Kionix - development & manufacturing of micro-electro mechanical (MEMS) devices
    International Food Network - research and development of commercial food products
    US Geological Survey - water resource division

Property Taxes

  • $1.5 million paid in 2015
  • As a project, Park is among top 10 tax payers of Tompkins County.


  • About 1,600 employees
  • About $57 million in annual payroll put into local economy


  • Additional jobs for 2,838 people
  • Additional $61 million in payroll
  • Additional $45 million in retail sales
  • Additional $2.2 million in property taxes
    (Figures from TCAD)

Construction activity (about $2 million/year)  

Many young companies started in the Park but have moved elsewhere in Ithaca: 

  • Ithaca Peripherals - 100 jobs
  • Transonic Systems - 80 jobs
  • AC Technologies - 40 jobs

Non-Financial Benefits

Park employees patronize local restaurants, theater, music, and other activities that keep Ithaca a great place to live:  

  • 55% of Park employees volunteer/contribute to charities, not-for-profits, or civic organizations
  • 52% attend or otherwise support the arts
  • Beautiful gateway to community
  • Recreational use of ponds, paths, and grounds


How do I lease space in the Business & Technology Park?
Please contact Jeremy Thomas, Cornell University Real Estate, phone 607.266.7866.  

Since the Park is owned by Cornell University, does it pay real estate taxes?
Yes, in fact, $1.5 million in taxes was paid in 2015. As a project, Park is among top 10 tax payers of Tompkins County.

How many companies are in the Park?
More than 90. 

Does a company have to be affiliated with Cornell University to locate in the Park?
No, although we think you will find access to Cornell's resources beneficial to your firm. The Park is open to all office and research firms. 

Is there an email ListServe or other means to contact everyone in the Park?
No, but please check the directory of companies.  

May I swim in the Ponds?
For safety reasons, no swimming is permitted in the ponds.  

May I hold an outdoor event at the Park?
To schedule an event at the Park, please contact Tina O'Shea, Cornell Real Estate Department, 15 Thornwood Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850, phone 607.266.7866.