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About Us

The Cornell University Real Estate Department is an organization of Cornell University. We are a member of  Cornell University Facilities and Campus Services (FCS).

Responsibilities include the acquisition, sale, leasing, development, encumbrance, and strategic planning of all Cornell's real property assets, and the management, construction, and financing of non-academic real estate.

The office also manages Cornell's two real estate subsidiaries: Cornell Real Estate Services, Inc., a non-profit corporation; and Lenroc Real Estate Brokerage, Inc., a for profit corporation which performs taxable brokerage services.


To support Cornell University's mission of teaching, research and outreach.


  • Insuring it has the real estate interests necessary to achieve its goals;
  • Making full and conscious use of the real estate under its control;
  • Promoting real estate activities that:
    • Help keep Ithaca a great place to live by providing quality jobs, tax revenues, and strengthening its economic base;
    • Exemplify high standards of planning, design and sustainability; and,
    • Support the commercialization of university technology.